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Project Management for Aqua mainly includes four phases


Project initiation is the main stage in the task. In this stage, a business is recognized and a business case which gives different arrangement alternatives is characterized. A possibility study is then led to examine the probability of every arrangement alternative tending to the business issue and a last prescribed arrangement is advanced. Once the prescribed arrangement is endorsed, an undertaking is started to convey the affirmed arrangement. A 'Venture Charter' is finished, which traces the goals, degree and structure of the new venture, and a Project Manager is delegated. The Project Manager starts enlisting a task group and sets up a Project Office environment. Endorsement is then tried to move into the point by point arranging stage.


Once the extent of the task has been characterized in the Undertaking Contract, the venture enters the itemized arranging stage. This includes initial step of making of an undertaking Arrangement illustrating the exercises, assignments, conditions and time spans. A second step includes arrangement of asset arrangement by posting the work, hardware and materials required. Further stride is readiness of budgetary arrangement by distinguishing the work, gear and materials costs. The following stride includes arrangement of value arrangement by giving quality targets, confirmation and control measures. The following stride is arrangement of Danger Arrangement by highlighting potential dangers and moves made to moderate them. Further stride is acknowledgment Arrangement by posting the criteria to be met to pick up client acknowledgment. Further stride is planning of Interchanges Arrangement by posting the data expected to educate partners. Next stride is readiness of acquisition Arrangement by recognizing items to be sourced from outer suppliers. Now the venture has been arranged in point of interest and is prepared to be executed.


This stage includes the execution of every action and assignment recorded in the Undertaking Arrangement. While the exercises and undertakings are being executed, a progression of administration procedures is embraced to screen and control the deliverables being yield by the task. This incorporates the ID of changes, dangers and issues, the survey of deliverable quality and the estimation of every deliverable being created against the acknowledgment criteria. When the majority of the deliverables have been created and the client has acknowledged the fi nal arrangement, the task is prepared for conclusion.


Venture Conclusion includes discharging the last deliverables to the client, giving over undertaking documentation, ending supplier contracts, discharging venture assets and imparting the conclusion of the task to all partners. The final stride is to attempt a post execution audit to measure the general accomplishment of the undertaking and rundown any lessons learnt for future venture.